Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Marine Corps Background

For those of you that don't know I spent a few years serving in the United States Marine Corps. I spent a few months at Parris Island SC learning the ropes, then they sent me to Camp Pendleton CA. There I was with the 1st Marine Division, 1st Reconnaissance battalion. This is where they let me jump out of planes and helicopters, swim for a mile or so underwater and blow stuff up, plus they taught me a few dozen ways to kill people and do it very quietly in most cases sometimes it gets real loud. 

I was chosen for Embassy duty in Morocco Africa which was a high honor indeed. 6 weeks before I was to ship out to Africa we were out on maneuvers high in the California hills when a helicopter landed  and a Lieutenant stepped out and told my Sargent that the Colonel wanted to see me. The Sargent said okay I'll send him right down but the Lieutenant said no he's to come back with me. I had no idea what was going on but I was pretty sure all the members of my family were dead or almost dead. I ask the Lieutenant what this was all about and he said he had no idea either but it must be important for them to send a helicopter for me. We had been in the field about three days so I was told to clean up and get to HQ - ASAP, that's a little Marine corps talk.

I get all cleaned up and go see the Colonel and he calls me right in and tells me to please sit down. Now I'm sure my family is dead. He started by saying "We have a problem here" and my mind starts rushing back a few days, then weeks, then months and I'm thinking there's no way he could know about that so I was at a loss. He says I understand you'll be leaving us in a few weeks to go to Africa? I said yes sir, he said that's our problem, there are civil wars going on in Morocco right now and we have temporally closed the American Embassy. Inside of me I let out a cheer but he never knew it. If I has gone I would have been there for 2 years with not much chance of making it home until I left there and to tell the truth I was already a little home sick.

The Colonel told me that I was about to have a rare opportunity in the Marine Corps, I could now pick my next duty station. Like I said I was already home sick so I said "Ya got anything in Atlanta"? He said no. I ask what ya got close? And that's how I ended up in Charleston SC at the Charleston Navy Weapons Station. This is where they assembled Poseidon and the Trident missile's. These were nuclear weapons so needless to say this was a very high security area.

I ran a bit longer than I wanted to in this blog but I wanted to set up where I was before I introduce you to a man that will just be known as Wild Bill because he may still be around somewhere and I don't need a lawsuit at this time.

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